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Message from Our Medical Director

It is with great pleasure that I report the successes and advances in the Rideout Health Cancer Program. Our achievements represent the invaluable, multitudinous contributions of staff, donors, and individuals within our community. Our mission remains focused on providing the best cancer care in a supportive, caring environment.

We are extremely pleased with the results of our new expansion, with an improvement in care provision, service, and capability. We are now able to offer more clinical space, infusion service, and the potential for interventional procedures with the addition of a new PET/CT. Additionally, we have expanded and enhanced our radiation oncology services with the acquisition of a new state-of-the-art linear accelerator.

We continue to experience continued growth in referrals and consultations. In the past year, over 850 new patients were referred to the Cancer Center — over 600 to Medical Oncology and over 250 to Radiation Oncology. In total, the Rideout Cancer Center provided consultative and ongoing care for hundreds of patient visits. Breast, lung, colorectal and prostate cancers continue to account for the majority of patient referrals.

Our greatest strength remains our staff. Our physicians have been honored by several awards recently, our nursing personnel continue to increase their standards of excellence, and our administrative staff has continued to effectively manage the daily difficulties so pervasive in this difficult health care environment. I am particularly proud of our continued ability to deliver quality care to our community despite significant financial challenges. We were able to provide over 2 million dollars in uncompensated care in the 2012/2013 fiscal year.

The next several years are going to be characterized by many challenges and opportunities. The very nature of health care delivery is changing, and our ability to remain proactive and responsive is important as never before. With our fundamental strengths, I am confident in future successes for the Rideout Cancer Center. With the completion of the Rideout Hospital expansion in 2015, we will consolidate the organization of an inpatient Oncology-focused unit that will significantly expand our treatment options within Rideout Health. Continued growth in our clinical trials program will allow greater accrual to state of the art therapies. The development of disease-focused multidisciplinary teams, beginning with Thoracic Oncology, will further enhance treatment sophistication.

These are indeed exciting times, and I am proud to work with the many staff professionals at the Rideout Cancer Center whose expertise, dedication, and attention to personalized care have been the very heart of our success. I also continue to be amazed and humbled by the generosity and support of our community in its support of the Rideout Cancer Center. We would not be able to provide consistently excellent care and service without the vision, determination, and tenacity of many individuals and groups. Perhaps most importantly, I thank the patients who place their faith and trust in us on a daily basis. I am so honored to continue to serve as Medical Director and look forward to the future with eager anticipation.


Scott Christensen, MD
Medical Director, Fremont Rideout Cancer Center
Medical Director UC Davis Cancer Care Network
Professor, Hematology/Oncology UC Davis School of Medicine