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About the Cancer Center

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Rideout Cancer Center

The Rideout Cancer Center, which is an affiliation between Rideout Health and the University of California Davis Cancer Care Network, provides our cancer patients and their families with the most up-to-date and effective cancer care in our community. UC Davis is a National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated cancer center; which comprises research, clinical trials, and the latest technology. Our partnership with the UC Davis Cancer Care Network sets our standards high in providing quality care to our patients. Our patients receive the quality of care that they might expect from a large university medical center with the compassion and personalization of a community based hospital.

The center is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (ACoS CoC) as a “Community Cancer Program”.  This accreditation also requires that we follow high standards of care and provide a more comprehensive approach to cancer treatment.

The 42,000 square foot cancer center integrates care management, Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology (Chemotherapy), Hematology (Blood Diseases), and Clinical Trials with a team of highly trained board certified physicians; oncology certified nurses (OCN’s) and certified radiation therapists.

We offer all of these services under one roof because we have found that a comprehensive, integrated treatment strategy more effectively treats the whole person physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Everyone on our team is committed to easing the patients journey by minimizing the time spent in treatment and supporting all aspects of the patient experience.

We are dedicated to helping you and your family develop the right treatment plan and access all the services you need to cope with cancer. As the community’s leader in cancer care, Rideout Cancer Center offers many options in cancer treatment:

Radiation Oncology

  • Varian 2100 EXCI Linear Accelerator with 120 multileaf collimator, dynamic wedges, and IMRT treatment
  • Varian True Beam Linear Accelerator that provides IMRT, IGRT, SBRT, Cone Beam, Rapid ARC, and Respiratory Gating Radiation Treatment
  • Advanced Eclipse Treatment Planning System

Medical Oncology (Chemotherapy) & Hematology Services

  • 24 Infusion Chairs – IV Therapy Infusions as ordered by primary care physician or other specialist
  • Biotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Bone Marrow Biopsies
  • Blood Transfusions
  • Injections
  • Phlebotomy
  • Blood Draw Station
  • Pharmacy

PET/CT Scanner

PET/CT is a clinically proven, cost effective and safe method for imaging a variety of cancers including colon cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma, and breast cancer, as well as heart disease and certain neurological disorders.

  • Aid in the diagnosis of suspicious findings
  • Assist in determining appropriate treatment
  • Monitor success of therapy
  • Detect recurrent tumors
  • Assess tumor aggressiveness

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are studies of new or experimental medicines (or other new treatments). The study is done when there is a reason to believe a new drug or a new combination of drugs may be of value  in curing or controlling cancer.

If you wish to take part in a clinical trial, the clinical staff will fully explain to you and your family what is required. You always have the opportunity to volunteer

Telemedicine Conferencing with UC Davis

This technology uses high speed digital lines to transmit medical data, as well as video and audio for long distance consultations. Telemedicine allows physicians to consult with UC Davis faculty on patient care issues. It also offers physicians access to UC Davis tumor board meetings, grand rounds, and other educational events.

Patient Resource Center

  • Medical Social Worker (MSW)
  • Nurse Navigator
  • Peer Navigator Program – Newly diagnosed patients that are connected to cancer survivors who have had the same cancer and who can mentor them through their course of treatment.
  • Wellness Program – Yoga, Art and Expressive Writing Classes for patients and caregivers.
  • Library For Life
  • Support Groups
  • Healing Garden

Cancer can touch on every aspect of your life as well as the lives of family members and other people close to you. For that reason, the Rideout Cancer considers all the changes you may experience as a result of a cancer diagnosis – physical, emotional and psychological – then develops a treatment approach for the whole person, not just the disease.

Our commitment is to deliver the most comprehensive cancer care in an environment that provides the latest technological advances and oncology treatment to ensure the best possible outcome for each patient.